August, 2007
Volume 4, Issue 9
Letters from the Imaginary World
Poem by Nathan McClain
Art by Mitchell Miller
Punnet Squares
Poem by Sara Tracey
Art by Kees Terberg
Keeping Up Appearances
Fiction by Leah Browning
Art by K.R. Copeland
Poem by Scott Keeney
Art by Fred Braunstein
The First Law of Thermodynamics
Poem by Alex Stolis
Art by Jill Burhans
Comet with a Nasty Tail
Fiction by Tom Sheehan
Art by Fred Braunstein

Poem by Graham Nunn
Art by Sunny Williams
Poem by Michael Ogletree
Art by Mitchell Miller

   Photo by Zenon Toczek.

About August's Contributors

New From Lily Press:
The Body of Pain

Poems by Judith Skillman
Cover Art by Sunny Williams

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