June, 2007

Jill Burhans writes: "Live in Huntsville, Alabama as a Photographer, Wife and Mother to a few animals including daughter and husband.  More images can be seen at"

Antonia Clark is a medical writer for a medical software company in Burlington, Vermont. She has previously published short stories and essays, has taught creative writing in community college and adult education programs, and is currently co-administrator of an online poetry forum, The Waters. Her poems have appeared, or are forthcoming, in Bumbershoot, kaleidowhirl, The Pedestal Magazine, Rattle, Stirring, and Tipton Poetry Journal.

Robert Elzy Cogswell, an Austin poet retired from librarianship, was a Poet of the Week on the Poetry Super Highway in February, 2007. He has poems either forthcoming or recently published in Consciousness, Literature and the Arts, Underground Voices, Lucidity, Lilliput Review, Farfelu, the Annual Anthology of the Austin International Poetry Festival, and Blowback Magazine. Earlier in life, he was a panhandler in Manhattan.

Alison Eastley lives in Tasmania, Australia with her two teenage sons, a gorgeous staffy pup, an elitist cat and credit card debt. Previous work has been published in Double Dare Press, Mannequin Envy, Wicked Alice, Mastodon Dentist, Words On Walls and many other fine literary journals.

Howie Good ([email protected]), a journalism professor at SUNY New Paltz, is the author of two poetry chapbooks, Death of the Frog Prince (2004) and Heartland (2007), both from FootHills Publishing. His poems have appeared in numerous print and online journals, including Right Hand Pointing, Stirring, Flutter, The Rose & Thorn, 2River View, Prairie Poetry, Poetry Bay, Juked, ken*again, poormojo’s almanack, and Lily. He was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2006.

Tammy Ho Lai-Ming, aka Sighming, is a Hong Kong-born and -based writer. She is the editor of HKU Writing: An Anthology. Her poetry, dialogues, book reviews and short stories appear or are forthcoming in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, New Zealand, Thailand, India, Macao, Australia, USA, Wales and Britain. More at

Shelley Savran Houlihan lives and works in Connecticut. She was a medical social worker for many years, but now cannot stop writing. Her work has appeared in 55 Words and in The American Drivel Review.

Patricia Wallace Jones is an artist and retired disability advocate.  She began writing poetry after retiring on the northern California coast.

Jenny Molberg is a recent graduate of Louisiana State University where her poetry was published in The Delta.  She will attend American University in the fall to pursue an M.F.A. in Creative Writing, concentrating in poetry.

Nic Sebastian hails from Arlington, Virginia and started studying poetry and poetry-writing two years ago. Her work has been published in Shit Creek Review and Loch Raven Review and is upcoming in Poems Niederngasse. She blogs at "Very Like A Whale" (, where she is currently participating in BV 1000, a challenge to write 1,000 lines of blank verse.

Kees Terberg writes: "I am Dutch by origin but live in Jersey, Channel Islands. I am in my thirties and am employed in the finance sector. Photography is a passion that I pursue with the sole purpose of pleasing myself. If I can achieve that but also manage to please others with my snapshots, I have succeeded in my goal.  I see myself as a general happy snapper. I love photographing people but my landscapes are the images that tend to sell. My ambitions and work have on occasions been used by local jewellers and shops but I am not a professional photographer. When I am not in the mood for taking pictures, I can just leave my equipment at home and wait for better days. I am registered with which is a Jersey-based picture agency which specializes in landscapes."

Sunny Williams writes: "I love photography and creating digital art. I have a Fujifilm S5000 that I take pictures with almost daily and then incorporate them into digital art. I am also a member of a website where I can obtain pictures which I can incorporate into a designated photo or photo design. I live happily with my husband and small dog." More of Sunny's photos can be seen at

Wayne H.W Wolfson is a California-based author. More information on his works are available on his site:

Chris Young's poems have appeared in The DMQ Review, Taint Magazine, Lily, Eclectica, Small Spiral Notebook and others. Chris is a Pushcart nominee, a recipient of an artist's grant for poetry from the Kentucky Arts Council, and currently lives in Oregon.

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