January Contributors
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey is an undergrad English major at Ball State University. He used to believe in god, but now he doesn't. Because of this, he spends a good deal of time writing poems about not believing in god and then erasing them and replacing them with better, less annoying poems. He is slightly afraid of bees.

Fred Braunstein
Fred Braunstein was born in France and worked there as a professional violinist until he came to Israel.  He now works in a high tech society.  His passion for years has been music and photography.  His work can be viewed at the following link: http://www.pbase.com/fred_il.

"One of my favorite subjects in photo is portraiture," Fred says.  The link to his portrait gallery is http://www.pbase.com/fred_il/portraits.

Leah Browning
Leah Browning's poetry, fiction, essays, and articles have appeared in a variety of publications including The Saint Ann's Review, Literary Mama, Lily, Blood Orange Review, Boston Literary Magazine, and Proposing on the Brooklyn Bridge: Poems About Marriage, an anthology edited by Ginny Lowe Connors.  Browning recently completed her first novel and is the author of two nonfiction children's books (Capstone Press, 2006).  In addition to writing, she serves as editor of the Apple Valley Review, an online literary journal.  Her personal website is located at http://www.leahbrowning.com.

Jack Conway

Jack Conway’s poems have appeared in Poetry, The Antioch Review, The Columbia Review, Rattle, The Ward 6 Review, The Orange Room Review, The Potomac and The Norton Anthology of Light Verse among others. He is a 2006 Pushcart nominee and he is the author of My Picnic With Lolita and Other Poems, published by North Country Press. He teaches at the University of Massachusetts and Bristol Community College.

Andrew Demcak

Andrew Demcak writes: "I have an M. F. A. in English/Creative Writing from St. Mary's College in Moraga, CA.  My work has been published and/or anthologized by:  Pearl, The Wisconsin Review, Plainsongs, Poetry Midwest, DMQ Review, Elimae, Dirt Press, Dusie, Three Candles Journal, 4am Poetry Review, CQ and other on-line and printed format journals, magazines, anthologies, and/or chapbooks.  My poem, "Young Man With iPod" (Poetry Midwest, #13), is taught at Ohio State University as part of both its English 110.02 class, "The Genius and the Madman," and in its "American Poetry Since 1945" class. The syllabus can be viewed at: http://english.osu.edu/programs/fywp/110_syllabi/110_02/genius.htm
"My first chapbook, The Psalms (Big 23 Press), was favorably reviewed by Clifton Snider in the Small Press Review (issue 226, vol. 23, no. 11.)   My second collection of poetry, Assuming Ariel, was runner-up in the New Poets Series at Brickhouse Books."

Lynn Edge
Lynn Edge writes haibun and poetry.  Her work has appeared in Kaliedowhirl, flashquake, Contemporary Haibun Print Edition, White Lotus and other journals.  Her poem, "In South Texas", was included in the Texas Poetry Calendar 2007

Bernard Henrie
Bernard Henrie is a currency trader living in the Mojave desert.  His recent publications include Stirring, Zafusy, Shampoo and Tertulia.  Four of his poems were published in the Wild Poetry Anthology and he won the Interboard Poetry Competition (IBPC) for January, 2005 and finished second in October, 2006. He received a Pushcart nomination in 2005.

Gary Kapluggin
Photographer/Illustrator from New Zealand based in Germany specializing in all-round photography, digital art and illustration. www.garykapluggin.com

Steve Klepetar
Steve Klepetar teaches literature and writing at Saint Cloud State University in Minnesota.  He has published in many journals, including Lily, New Works Review, Niederngasse, Snakeskin, Whiteleaf, Mad-Hatter's Review, GHOTI, and Astropoetica.

Doug Ramspeck
Doug Ramspeck writes: "More than 150 of my poems have been published or are forthcoming by journals that include West Branch, Rattle, Confrontation Magazine, Connecticut Review, Rosebud, Nimrod, Roanoke Review, RHINO, The Cream City Review, and Seneca Review.  I direct the Writing Center and teach creative writing and composition at The Ohio State University at Lima.  I live in Lima with my wife, Beth, and our sixteen-year-old daughter, Lee."

Rebecca Scepaniak

Rebecca Scepaniak continues to write and witness change.

Kees Terberg

Kees Terberg writes: "I am Dutch by origin but live in Jersey, Channel Islands. I am in my thirties and am employed in the finance sector. Photography is a passion that I pursue with the sole purpose of pleasing myself. If I can achieve that but also manage to please others with my snapshots, I have succeeded in my goal.  I see myself as a general happy snapper. I love photographing people but my landscapes are the images that tend to sell. My ambitions and work has on occasions been used by local jewellers and shops but I am not a professional photographer. When I am not in the mood for taking pictures, I can just leave my equipment at home and wait for better days. I am registered with http://www.cipictures.com which is a Jersey-based picture agency which specializes in landscapes."

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