Poem by Paul Hostovsky, Art by Kenneth Mucke
Fiction by Stephanie Johnson, Art by Kenneth Mucke
Poem by Keith Nunes, Art by Jill Burhans
Poetry by John Vick, Art by Sunny Williams
Fiction by Lisa Veyssiere, Art by Kees Terberg
Poem by Kristine Ong Muslim, Art by Sunny Williams
Poem by Helen Losse, Art by Kees Terberg
Fiction by Michele Rosen, Art by Jill Burhans
Poetry by Yermiyahu Ahron Taub, Art by Kennth Mucke
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Announcing: Lily's Nominations for Best of the Net

A Man's Guide to Winning a Woman's Heart
- Michaela Gabriel, July, 2006
First Day at the Domestic-Chronicle - Ace Boggess, July, 2006
Fort - Rob Bass, September, 2006
How Patios are Contagious - Tripp Howell, September, 2006
The contents of my safety deposit box upon my death - Jeffrey Calhoun, September, 2006
A Short Film in 6 Acts - Paula Brancato, May, 2007
On a Stretch of East Texas Highway - Jenny Molberg, June, 2007

Coming in October from Lily Press:
Pilgrim Route, Poems by Ashok Niyogi

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